di Tommaso Vicarelli
What you read in the heading it is not just fruit of imagination but unfortunally is exactly what is going on nowadays in South Africa. Scenes of ordinary madness happen every day as result also of a wild propaganda fomented by Western World itself against its own people.
Despite the coverage that all western media are dedicating about the massive flows of immigrants whom are coming to Europe, with the aim to push even more Africans to enter into the EU, nobody seems interested to talk about what is going on in South Africa, the so called Rainbow Nation”.
The South African government has recently approved a an act which enables it to expropriate lands from white farmers without compensation. They said that in this way Africans would have taken revenge over Afrikaners communities for having stolen their own lands. But the history tells us different version of the facts.
Afrikaners, originally coming from the Netherland s, when they reached the southernmost region of Africa did not find any kind or state or even an idea of statehood but only tribes fighting between themselves.  But considering the strategic position of that region and mostly the typical industriousness of Europeans, they built up a very powerful and wealthy State in those same lands which just some years before were ruled by the chaos.
Still today is South Africa can be considered a self efficient country in terms of foodstuffs is because Afrikaners communities work very hard to keep alive this important prerogative. Indeed when a state can manage by itself food and natural resources it clearly means that that State reached a very good level of competiveness on the international sphere.
But the current SA government ruled by blacks, allowing this act, which enters openly in contrast with democratic procedures and human right law, not only shows an evident lack of cleverness, inasmuch is directed against the only productive community in that country. But it is also showing an aggressive and violent behaviour which represents a huge threat against the survival of Afrikaners in the same soil they settled and tuned into a wealth and civilized State, at least before the end of the white rule over the country.
White farmer families are being constantly assaulted in their houses and brutally slaughtered by thousand of black gangs, whom not only feel themselves free of venting their sub-animal instincts by raping and killing white women, children and executing men, but they even think to stand on the right side of the entire issue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_farm_attacks http://www.wvwnews.net/content/index.php?/news_story/meanwhilein_south_africa.html. Here I copied and pasted an article regarding another violent murder perpetrated against a white family by three black criminals http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179171/Walkerville-family-murders-Horrific-death-boy-12-drowned-boiling-water-robbers-raped-mother.html
By allowing this act, which basically backed  even more these black criminal gangs, they now possess an unlimited liberty to commit these tremendous crimes. That is why Australia is considering the possibility to release visas for white South African farmers as report many worldwide media as BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-43403408
I do suggest you to watch this video about a TV talk hosted by an important South African  television network in which the “journalist” says that this act must to be seen just as a governmental policy, while another guest, a “a political analyst”, adds that crimes like these happen everywhere anytime, wanting to emphasize with this sentence the fact that there are no racial reasons laying on the background of these bloody and violent crimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBUH3CBxLpU
Well as European I must admit that I am very worried for the future of our people, considering all the worldwide processes which are already weakening and undermining our culture, but I am sure at 100% about one thing; if a single event of those facts I just exposed would have taken place in an European country, the International Community would have turned immediately against that country, and we would not have ever assisted to a TV talk like that I am sharing with you today.
I conclude by saying that our civilization touched a point of no return, and is running very fast along the edge with the abyss.