di Tommaso Vicarelli
Since the end of apartheid regime, event which happened in 1994, more than 3000 white farmers have been brutally slaughtered.

White farmer families are being constantly assaulted in their houses and tremendously murdered by thousand of black gangs, whom not only feel themselves free of venting their sub-animal instincts by raping and killing white women, children and executing men, but they even think to stand on the right side of the entire issue.

The coverage that mainstream media dedicate to this tremendous fact is marginal or even inexistent.

The SILENT GENOCIDE has already reached a point of no return and the risk that it can bring to the beginning of a civil war has not to be excluded.

That is why Afrikaners, thanks to the industriousness which has always characterized Europeans, organized the largest non-governmental security organisation on the planet called SUIDLANDERS.

In this way, in case of the outbreak of a civil war, they will be ready to fight back and save their lives.

I do suggest you to watch this video in which Simon Roche, the leader of SUIDLANDERS, explains what is going on in SA and talks about this important and vital organisation.