di Tommaso Vicarelli

What is happening on the international arena it is something very dangerous and sad at the same moment. After the end of the Cold War, the international sphere thought that the wish which was always hoped became finally reality. The end of the hostilities between the World’s two superpowers could have meant the beginning of an extended period of distended relations, but evidently those who thought in this way made wrong forecasts.

The post cold World not only became a more dangerous place were threats to human beings as well as to the political sovereignty of states started to undermine from the inside the bases of the Western World, but according to the Uppsala Conflict Data Programme http://ucdp.uu.se/#country/704 the number of conflicts, especially those which involve two or more factions fighting inside a single nations, increased in a worryingly manner.

But if we analyze the relations between the two old rivals, USA & Russian Federation, we discover that if on one hand Putin has been trying to find a channel of dialogue with his American counterpart, from the other shore of the Atlantic ocean he received only negative answers.

Experts of International Relations thought that thanks to the Trump election, the relations between these two countries could have taken a peaceful path, but the reality is showing us that this speculation is already part of the history. Rather than improve the relations Trump opted for carrying on an hostile anti-Russian strategy in Syria as well as in the Baltic Region, and of course his most faithful and strong allied, UK, did not waste time for showing to the American president that the subjects of Her Majesty are always ready to serve their “Big Brother”.

Doing so they, USA – UK and UE, began a new phase of tension against Russia which might bring to serious escalation of events. Accusing Russia for the poisoning of the former KGB agent Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, UK, through the use of a nerve agent without showing proofs which can confirm the guilty, literally means “playing with fire”.

Many former KGB agents and scientist fled to USA and UK after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and there have been carried on their researches and activities but this time not by serving their fatherland but the former rival.

Porton Down according with the British journalist Rob Evans whom wrote a detailed reportage (https://www.theguardian.com/science/2004/may/06/science.research) about this secret military facility; “has been founded in 1916, and is the oldest chemical warfare research installation in the world”. This science park is not located far from Salisbury were the two Russian double agents have been poisoned, and the laboratory became the new home for many ex soviet assets. According to another report, this time written by the well known journalist Maurizio Blondet, what happened to Skripal and his daughter is not the first case and surely will not be the last (https://www.maurizioblondet.it/ultimatum-putin-vuole-arivare-la-may/) .

By looking to the recent past, other mysterious deaths occurred in that area to employees of that inaccessible military laboratory, it clearly means that not only there are no proofs for accusing Russia but also that the UK government might lay on the background of this tragic murders.

This wicked foreign approach toward Russia headed by USA with the support of UK and the other servile countries of the European Union, opened the possibility for further and more dangerous developments. The expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Italy by the will of the resigning Gentiloni government occurred this week, is a clear demonstration of how much infiltrated are the American neo-con currents throughout Europe.