di Tommaso Vicarelli

When somebody thinks in an opposite direction compared with the general mainstream, usually that person is labelled to be nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, but everithing change when those words and thoughts come from one of the greatest political scientists in the world and a prominent academic on the field of Iterenational Relations.

The american professor John Joseph Mearsheimer exponent of the Neo – Realism School and father of the so called “Offensive Realism“, owns a long and enviable curriculum vitae (https://www.britannica.com/biography/John-Mearsheimer), has been working for some of the most desired Universities of IR and every pubblication usually reach a worldwide coverage, it clearly brings you to understand that we are not simply speaking about someone who is considered an outsider but on the contrary about an important prfessor.

His theory entitled the; “Offensive Realism”, by summarizing, sais that; if a regional power grows up so much untill to reach a world-wide coverage, the outbreak of a conflict is unviodable because the raising superpower will start a militar confrontation against the current World superpower. 

But the aim of this article todat it si not that to give you a short lesson about this simple but at the same time cleaver rule individuated by Mearsheimer, but my end is that to expose you the content of a recent conference held by this prominent US political scientist.

On November 22, 2017 at Yale professor John Mearsheimer addressed the last Lectio Magistralis of his cycle of three conference denominated ““Liberal Ideals & International Realities”. This Lectio was specificly entitled “The Case for Restraint,” and the american professor made a brilliant explanation about what the term Liberal Hegemony means, and which risks it can triggers on the international arena if nobody stands as a barrier and at the same time as an alternative option.

Here you can watch the entire Lectio Magistralis: https://youtu.be/TsonzzAW3Mk

He said that for Liberal Hegemony we intend a “modus operand” which was born inside the Anglo-Saxon World, coming specificly from London, Chicago and California, and that shows an agressive will to export throughtout the World some values which belong only to a limited portion of people but would be just utopistic even think that those rules could fit in different and diversified societies around the globe.

USA and its smaller brother of blood, UK, want export and impose on the internation arena two main values: Democracy and Free Market, because there is no free market and privatization dynamics without democracy, because only with a weak political system these forces can reach a systemic state. That is exactly why thanks to submissive governments, mostly throughout EU country memebers, this project became almost a worlswide hegemony.

Mearsheimer, by picking up recent example on the international sphere, also added the fact that the Arab Springs in 2011 as well as the tensions between Georgia and Russia in 2008 and Ukraine and Moscow in 2014, have been promotede and widely supported by USA. Indeed if we want to find a line of demarcation between a befor and an after, we can say that with the Regan administration the Neo – Con current made its first debut on the american politics and started to spread its ideology and practices around the World. 

Even though if Lydon B. Johonson and Jimmy Carter have been two controversial democratic presidents, before the arrival on the american political arena of Ronald Reagan, any politican observer could still highlight differences between a Republican polititian on one hand and a democrat on the other, but from Reagan presidency untill now these differences do not exist anymore. It happened simply because they merged together into the Neocon Ideology, with the consequences that olnly the adepted to these political corrent possess the tools for spreading those concepts that professor Mearsheimer intelligently resumed under the title “Liberal Hegemony”.